Brits & Blockchains October 19, 2017

World Blockchain Forum in London James Gonzalez and Jason Cassidy travel to London to attend the World Blockchain Forum – A premiere event for Blockchains and ICO’s (initial coin offering). The blockchain early adopters meet with current and new clients while also finding time to take in some of London’s sights and sounds. From chatting with an AI robot to catching a Premiere League match, Cassidy and Gonzalez manage to squeeze in a few fun moments in an otherwise busy…

Blockchain Early Adopters October 11, 2017

“Toronto Is One Of The Worlds Main Blockchain Hubs” Blockchain early adopters James Gonzalez​ and Jason Cassidy​ spend the day in Toronto meeting with Michael Gord​ of MLG Blockchain​ to discuss on-going business collaborations. Gord is also part of the Blockchain Education Network​ (BEN) which is a global initiative to raise blockchain awareness through education. Later in the day Gonzalez and Cassidy meet with the team from Arkilio​, a blockchain startup looking to disrupt the architecture industry.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Summit, Toronto September 29, 2017

Blockchain TV goes to The Bitcoin and Ethereum Summit Blockchain TV goes to The Bitcoin and Ethereum Summit at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. We check in with some of the industry’s early adopters: Emma Todd of My Marketing Haus, Chris Horlacher of Equibit Group, and Jenna Pilgrim of Blockchain Research Institute.  

Dock Talks & ICO’s September 19, 2017

Running an ICO The team from bitJob travels to Barcelona with Blockchain TV host James Gonzalez. Elad Kofman and Dror Medalion tell us about the bitJob team and their personal motivations behind the creation of the company. James Gonzalez summarizes the crew’s European trip as he prepares to travel back to Canada.

The Office September 14, 2017

Searching for a new office – Blockchain TV We take a look at a potential new office space in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Blockchain TV is growing faster than we ever imagined, so we are looking for a larger space to accommodate our growing staff and production crew. The company has two arms of production: client media and production for our web show. Our web show “Early Adopters” is set to launch in late October and will chronicle the global adoption…

Coin Agenda September 12, 2017

Blockchain TV, Episode 6 On this episode of Blockchain TV, we travel to Barcelona with the team from bitJob to attend Coin Agenda Conference. We also catch up with Moe Levin – fellow Unsung Canada Director and CEO of Keynote Events.

Bitcoin ATM hunt in Amsterdam! September 6, 2017

Blockchain TV – Episode 5: Bitcoin ATM On this episode of Blockchain TV, Host James Gonzalez scours the city of Amsterdam in search of a Bitcoin ATM. Also on the agenda, a meeting with Adam Williams – an American crypto-entrepreneur living and working in the Netherlands.

Blockchain TV – Episode 4: bitJob & Blockchain Education Network September 1, 2017

bitJob & Blockchain Education Network  On this episode we continue our European trip with Team bitJob. After meeting with the Dutch Government in The Haag, Host James Gonzalez travels with the ICO’s co-founders Dror Medalion and Elad Kofman back to Amsterdam to meet with Dean Masley from Blockchain Education Network (BEN).

Blockchain TV Episode 3: Den Haag August 28, 2017

Team bitJob Travels to Den Haag to present to the Dutch Government On this episode of Blockchain TV, Host James Gonzalez visits Den Haag with the bitJob team as they present their innovative online student job marketplace to the Dutch Government. bitJob also aims to educate the next generation and raise awareness about the blockchain industry’s growing selection of fully decentralized products.

Blockchain TV – Episode 2: bitJob Student Marketplace August 24, 2017

Team bitJob will launch their ICO September 12th, 2017 On this episode of Blockchain TV, we introduce you to the team behind bitJob, an Israeli-based company working towards launching their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). bitJob Co-founders Dror Medalion, Aviad Gindi, and Elad Kofman are on a six day European trip to meet with the Dutch government and to attend the Coin Agenda Europe conference in Barcelona. Learn more about Blockchain TV and Media Agency on our homepage.  

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