Coin Agenda September 12, 2017

Blockchain TV, Episode 6 On this episode of Blockchain TV, we travel to Barcelona with the team from bitJob to attend Coin Agenda Conference. We also catch up with Moe Levin – fellow Unsung Canada Director and CEO of Keynote Events.

Blockchain TV – Episode 2: bitJob Student Marketplace August 24, 2017

Team bitJob will launch their ICO September 12th, 2017 On this episode of Blockchain TV, we introduce you to the team behind bitJob, an Israeli-based company working towards launching their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). bitJob Co-founders Dror Medalion, Aviad Gindi, and Elad Kofman are on a six day European trip to meet with the Dutch government and to attend the Coin Agenda Europe conference in Barcelona. Learn more about Blockchain TV and Media Agency on our homepage.  

Blockchain TV Episode 1: Amsterdam August 22, 2017

Blockchain TV with bitJob in Amsterdam On the inaugural episode of Blockchain TV, Host and CEO James Gonzalez travels to Amsterdam with the team behind bitJob, an Israeli-based company currently working towards launching their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in September of this year. bitJob is building a peer to peer student marketplace for online jobs that is built on blockchain technology. Blockchain TV is telling the stories of industry pioneers and innovators, and bitJob is one of those companies making…

Blockchain TV- Official Launch August 21, 2016

Telling stories one block at a time Capturing the human stories behind a new and emerging global blockchain culture, Blockchain TV is the world’s first media company of its kind. The Waterloo, Ontario based agency and consultancy has been an idea in the making since 2013. Co-founders James Gonzalez and Jason Cassidy had the idea of telling stories about the the global adoption of blockchain technology in real time. Both early adopters themselves, Gonzalez and Cassidy bring to the table…

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